– Home Security That Fits Your Life

You have a security system so you know you are protected.  But did you ever wish you could know when the kids got home from school?  Or let a maintenance worker in without taking time off from work? Or have the lights turned on when you arrive home from work late?  With ESCO Security partner’s wireless service, you can have control of your security system with home automation, all from your computer or mobile device.


With you can view live streaming video or recorded footage from your security cameras. You can also set up custom alerts to notify you when a door is opened or other motion sensor triggered or when there has been a power failure or a water leak. A dedicated cellular connection keeps you protected during power outages and tampering attempts. If your security panel is destroyed, Crash & Smash protection maintains the security system.


Home Automation enables you to easily control lights, thermostat and locks remotely. You can even have your home’s temperature adjusted automatically during extreme weather and your light schedule adjust with the seasons.


Energy Management

Save money by setting your lights and thermostat to turn off and on with schedules that fit your lifestyle. You can also easily monitor your energy usage, enabling you to make better energy decisions.


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