Can You Afford the Cost of Waiting?

Looking for a way to save energy with a quick payback? LED lighting retrofits are the answer. LED lighting provides bright, even lighting that uses a fraction of the energy needed for other lighting methods.You save with lower energy costs, reduced maintenance, and longer life.

Today, utility companies are offering significant rebates to companies that choose LED lighting. Combined with affordable pricing and advances in technology, now is the perfect time to switch.

Leotek ECobra-head at KWReductionLeotek-light
KWReduction is featuring the Leotek ECobra-head 4 LED Roadway Luminaire in our new online store. This model is an exceptionally durable, commercial-grade fixture with a 10 year warranty.

Switch now and save an estimated $77 annually in reduced energy costs with the Leotek ECobra-head 4 LED Roadway Luminaire. Save even more with rebates of up to $120 each available today from area utility companies. PPL customers, we make it even easier for you to save. KWReduction can handle the entire rebate submission for you.

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