ESCO Security and KWReduction Team Up to Protect Akron Home

An Akron homeowner is one step closer to peace of mind after being victimized by repeated thefts over the last 4 years. MVE Group companies, ESCO Security and KWReduction, teamed up to provide a comprehensive security package that combines ESCO HD security cameras with enhanced LED lighting from KWReduction.

As reported on Lancaster Online, the homeowner had a large elk sculpture stolen from the yard in 2010. This summer, the thieves targeted the yard two more times before the HD surveillance system was installed. Each time, several hundred dollars’ worth of garden art was stolen.

ESCO upgraded the homeowner’s analog security cameras to a digital high-definition system with night vision. The strategically placed 3MP and 1.3 MP cameras record full HD 1080p real-time video. They feature vari-focal lenses which offer the greatest flexibility in range of coverage, similar to a zoom feature on a still camera.

ESCO security and fire protection sales consultant, Glenn Pettis, said, “As high-def is becoming much more affordable, analog is going away. HD means better image quality and greater functionality. And, if you have a smartphone, you can see everything right from an easy to use app.”

Pettis added that the new generation of HD cameras coming onto the market today offer wireless connectivity, increasing the number of places they can be located and, therefore, increasing range of coverage.

To further enhance the HD cameras’ image quality, ESCO’s sister company, KWReduction, installed LED light fixtures. While LED lights are well-known for being energy-efficient, their advantage when used with security cameras is their ability to provide bright, even lighting that does not significantly degrade over time. Other benefits include increased durability and reduced maintenance.

Not long after the solution was installed, the cameras caught the thieves on video during a fourth theft attempt. Police have released the video footage with an appeal to the public to help identify the men.

With 30 years experience with security systems and 15 years of experience with energy-efficient lighting, MVE Group is in a unique position to offer this synergy of HD and LED technology in a comprehensive security package. The company began as Meadow Valley Electric, a commercial electrical contracting firm, in 1973. In 1984, ESCO Security was added to offer security and fire protection to area residents and businesses. KWReduction was started in 1999 to help businesses and municipalities save money with energy audits and high efficiency lighting retrofits. MVE Group also includes MVE Solar, which began installing home and commercial solar PV systems in 2009.