Spotlight on Technology: All-in-One Hybrid Video Server Marries Analog and IP Technology


Recently, an ESCO Security retail client was looking to add new surveillance cameras. They wanted to add several high-definition IP cameras.Like a webcam, IP cameras can send video over the Internet to computers and mobile devices, allowing real-time accessibility that is critical during emergencies. IP cameras also enable easier searching of recorded video with thumbnails or a timeline.

But our client already had an existing analog surveillance system that they did not want to replace all at once.  The solution was a hybrid video server that allowed us to incorporate their more than 50 existing analog cameras while enabling future capability for the IP cameras.

ESCO chose the ExacqVision for its proven performance, recording capacity, and ability to view video from anywhere.  Features include:

  • Record up to 64 IP cameras and 64 analog cameras per video server
  • Continuously record up to 550 Mbps of video for high concentration of high definition analog and IP cameras
  • Stream up to 1,800 frames per second of live/recorded video to web/mobile clients
  • Stream live/recorded video up to 100 simultaneous PC clients
  • A high reliability solid-state operating system drive
  • Store up to 32TB of video
  • Conduct investigations on recorded video, audio and data with thumbnail or timeline search
  • Bookmark important video for long-term retention
  • View video anywhere
  • Unlimited Windows/Linux/Mac PC clients
  • Live and recorded video from any browser
  • Live and recorded video from most tablets and smartphones
 ESCO’s custom approach to surveillance systems means we tailor systems to meet our clients’ exact needs while taking advantage of the latest innovations in security technology. Instead offering a standard cookie cutter system, we design a solution that meets our client’s requirements and budget now, while also taking into consideration future flexibility. Check out our other surveillance system projects.

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