Medical Alert Systems FAQs

How does the Medical Alert System work?
The Medical Alert System consists of 2 main components: a base unit and a two-way talking pendant. In the event of an emergency, you press the button on the waterproof pendant. The pendant comes with various attachments which allows it to be worn as a lanyard around the neck, clipped to the belt, or attached to the arm of a wheelchair.

A trained individual from the central monitoring station will answer and talk to you directly through the 2 way communicating pendant. They determine and assess the need, and contact 911 and/or your family as needed. The pendant works in conjunction with the base unit which gets plugged into your existing phone jack. An ESCO representative will happily assist you in hooking up the system in your home.

Do you have to be near the base station for someone to hear you?
No! Because our device has the speakerphone right in the pendant – you can be anywhere in and around your home. The pendant range is up to 60 feet in a free-space environment. It will cover the typical American home and even a short distance outside your home into your yard.

Can I test the range?
Yes, simply use the test button on the back of the pendant. Hold the button in for 4 seconds and you will hear a system check. If it says “All systems are OK”, then you are within range of the base unit. You can walk around your home and test this feature at any location to ensure it will work from there.

What happens if I hit the emergency button by accident?
If you hit the button by accident, you will hear a dispatcher asking if everything is okay. If you inform them of the accident, they will not contact family or emergency personnel.

Does the system use a battery?
Yes, ESCO’s medical alert pendant uses a special rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. There are 2 batteries included. One is in the pendant being used, while the other is charging in the base unit. The battery standby time is 4-6 months and it can be tested at any time by pushing the test button on the pendant. When the battery test shows that the battery is low, you simply exchange the battery with the second battery that is in the base unit.

How can I deal with a power outage?
The system comes with 4 rechargeable batteries that are installed in the base unit. These batteries are constantly being charged while the base is plugged in the wall outlet. When the power fails, the base unit automatically switches over to these rechargeable batteries which will provide over 24+ hours of backup protection. There is no maintenance needed for these backup batteries.

If the emergency button is activated, who is contacted first?
Once the emergency button is hit, the individual will hear a dispatcher from the 24 hour monitoring center communicate with them through the 2 way talking pendant, asking how they need help. If the individual does not respond, the dispatcher will immediately call their primary contact. When you sign up for Medical Alert, you will fill out a monitoring profile which indicates your personal preferences. You may choose your primary contact to be a neighbor or family member, the local authorities, or both.


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