Generators Keep Your Business in Power

Extreme weather can wreak havoc on your electric supply.  In the summer, heat waves can cause energy usage to spike, draining the system and causing brownouts and blackouts. Hurricanes and tropical storms can cause outages by toppling trees onto power lines.In the winter, snow and ice can cause power outages.  In this month alone, approximately 60,000 homes and businesses in Lancaster County and 50,000 in York County were without power, according to a February 5 Penn Live report.

Financial losses from a power outage can easily climb into the hundreds of thousands of dollars or more in lost product or revenue, and generator rentals cost several thousand dollars for each event.

A generator can keep your business running smoothly. While for some companies such as hospitals and nursing homes emergency power is critical, any industry can benefit from a generator.  Manufacturers can keep production lines running.  Grocery stores can maintain the quality of their perishable food. Broadcasters can ensure the continuous airing of programs. Revenue will not be lost because of the inability to receive timely financial information or potential sales inquiries.

Generators can also enable businesses to recoup some of their energy costs. PPL’s Demand Response program reimburses businesses that can draw their power from an alternative source and go offline during peak periods.  [For more information: Demand Response Program]

Meadow Valley Electric’s team can design and install a generator solution to suit your individual needs and budget.  Contact us at 717.738.2451 for more information.