HD Camera System Captures License Plate Number During Lancaster City Theft

ESCO High-Definition cameras helped return stolen furniture to Water Street Ministries.

Water Street Ministries shares their story of how ESCO High-Definition cameras helped return their stolen furniture. Here is an account of the incident from a Water Street employee:

“The incident occurred while we were changing a few offices at our Queen Street location. We had moved some furniture outside and while it was waiting to be moved, the furnishings were taken. Thankfully, a few months prior to the incident we had decided to upgrade our system and install four high definition security cameras. With these cameras we were able to retrieve footage of the individuals and their pickup truck which took our furniture. Even better, the HD cameras were able to give us a clear picture of the truck’s license plate. We handed this footage to the police and ended up getting all of our furniture back!”

Some things are too important to leave to chance; your home and business are prime examples. To find out about ESCO’s latest CCTV technology included High-Definition camera systems contact ESCO Representative Glenn Pettis.

Water Street Ministries serves individuals living in homelessness and poverty in South-East and South-Central Pennsylvania. To learn more about the ministry, visit www.waterstreetministries.org