Innovative Technology Saves Lives and Reduces Losses Caused by House Fires

Between 2007 and 2011,
an average of 366,000 U.S. homes per year were affected by fire.

Approximately half had working smoke alarms.
Based on an NFPA report, “Smoke Alarms  in US Home Fires”, March 2014.

24/7 Fire Protection

Smoke alarms are only effective if someone is home to hear them.  For round-the-clock protection, you need a monitored system to automatically alert local emergency services when smoke is detected.

ESCO Security can design a security and fire protection solution to suit your needs with innovative products such as FireFighter.


This revolutionary device empowers standard interconnected smoke alarms by integrating them with a monitored security system. Now, one easy to install, inexpensive device alerts emergency services as soon as smoke is detected, whether you are home or away.