Introducing…the KWReduction Energy Savings Purchase Agreement (ESPA)

Want to benefit from the energy savings of LED lighting now but without the upfront cost of a purchase? KWReduction’s new Energy Savings Purchase Agreement (ESPA) may be your best option.
    • Custom Design and Quality Installation. KWReduction will review your site needs, design your LED lighting solution, and provide complete installation.
    • No Upfront Costs. Under your custom ESPA, you make fixed monthly payments to KWReduction for the term of the operating lease, typically between 5 and 10 years.  Potential savings could be up to 20% or more per month over your current energy costs.  Your savings begin immediately and there are no upfront costs.
    • Maintenance-Free. Since KWReduction owns the LED lighting at your site during the lease, we are responsible for maintenance and repair. No hassles and no added expense.
  • Flexible End-of-Lease Options. At the end of the lease, you choose whether you want to purchase the fixtures with a cash buyout, continue the lease with a renewal, or return the lights and terminate the lease.
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