KWReduction Helps Area Governments, Institutions and Non-Profits Save Thousands in Energy Costs

In 45 days, KWReduction reduced energy consumption by up to 75% for more than 100 PPL customers. The  Ephrata-based company specializes in energy saving lighting retrofits. KWR took the initiative in promoting a recent PPL LED lighting rebate for government, institutional and non-profit customers in the Lancaster, Harrisburg and Lehigh regions.

With rising electricity rates and one of the coldest winters in the last 20 years, many governments, institutions and non-profit organizations have had their energy budgets quickly depleted.  Recognizing the incredible savings potential of PPL’s free LED lighting rebate program, KWR reached out to municipalities, school districts, churches, fire companies, and other non-profit organizations. The response was overwhelming. With immediate savings of up to 75% in energy costs and no out-of-pocket expenses, making the switch was the obvious choice.

Between March 21 and May 9, 2014, KWReduction replaced 1,858 lights, primarily exterior wall pack units – the fixtures that are installed on a building’s wall– ranging from 12kW to 56 kW. Technicians traveled to nearly 300 locations across Lancaster, Lebanon, Berks, Chester, York, Cumberland, Dauphin, Lehigh and Northampton counties.  As a PPL Trade Ally, KWR handled the entire process: initial contact, supplying high quality LED fixtures, professional installation and overseeing the rebate paperwork.

The School District of Lancaster replaced 171 lights with high quality, energy efficient LED wall units, reducing the wattage from a total of 28,279 W to 6,978 W. With an estimated 4300 hours (dusk until dawn) burn time at $0.08 per kWh, they are expected to save $7,327 a year.

The City of Lancaster Bureau of Water replaced 35 fixtures, reducing their total wattage from 5,485 to 1,337 W. They are expected to save more than $1,400 a year.

In Manheim Township School District, just one elementary school replaced 10 lights and expects to save more than $600 per year.

With the switch to exterior LED wall units, many organizations also benefited from increased safety and security of their property with the improved quality of light. Other advantages of LED lights include longer life and less maintenance costs.