Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging & Infrared Scanning in South Central Pennsylvania

Meadow Valley Electric performs preventive electrical maintenance for customers, which can include infrared scanning (also known as thermal imaging or thermal scanner) to detect potential electrical failure and other issues.  Infrared scanning uses specially designed infrared still cameras to produce images called thermograms which show surface temperature variations.

Infrared scanning or thermal imaging to detect electrical failures and improve energy efficiency

IR thermography detects…

  • heat created by excess friction in mechanical systems
  • abnormally hot electrical connections or components
  • water leakage in under floor water pipes
  • heat loss and air leakage in building envelopes

Meadow Valley Electric provides infrared scanning to commercial and industrial clients seeking preventive maintenance to avoid potential electrical failure.

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What potential electrical failures will you discover with infrared scanning and an infrared detector?
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