New Venture for MVE Group CEO – Barry Miller

MVE Group is pleased to announce that Barry Miller has been named 2013 Chairman of the Board for the Keystone Chapter of Associated Builders & Contractors, Inc. Miller has been the President & CEO of MVE Group since January 2010, and has been with the firm for a total of 35 years.

Barry is a graduate of the Lancaster  County Career & Technology Center, and he has served on both the ABC Keystone Education and Apprenticeship Committees.

When asked about his vision for ABC Keystone, Barry highlighted three areas he finds especially important.

1. “We want to build our credibility as an asset to our community” says Miller. One important way ABC Keystone aids the community is by training young people in trades. “I can’t think of a higher form of community service than providing lifetime earning power to young people” – Miller.

2. A second area of focus for Miller is free enterprise: “Associated Builders & Contractors is an organization dedicated to the American value of free enterprise. Free enterprise, especially small businesses, seem to have no voice. No one should doubt that we will FIGHT for free enterprise, because we know, just as our founders knew, that free enterprise will produce the most good for the most people.”

3. A third area of focus for Miller is being intentional about bringing a new generation to ABC. A Young Professionals Committee has been formed for 2013 and the organization recognizes the importance of encouraging a new generation to find their place in ABC Keystone.

Barry Miller (front, center) with the 2013 ABC Keystone Executive Committee.