Clayton Block Solar Canopy Project

MVE Group, partnered with Lancaster Pennsylvania based Rettew Engineering, to construct a 531 kW pv system for the Clayton Block Company.

MVE Group installed a total of 1,296 V-SUN, 410 watt Bifacial solar panels on four canopies. Each canopy consists of 324 solar panels . The solar canopy is projected to offset 90% of their energy usage.

MVE Group also installed a pair of Level 2 EV Chargers that are able to charge electric vehicles from the energy generated by the solar panels.

Solar canopies that are built on existing parking lots allow businesses to generate energy while providing shade for vehicles and protection from the elements.

Another benefit from using a solar canopy is the potential to alleviate the Urban Heat Island Effect– where pockets of paved spaces, typically in urban environments, absorb radiation from the sun and increase daily temperatures.

Project Details

Client:: Clayton Block Company
Location:: Wall Township, NJ
Completion Date:: February 2022
PV Modules: 1,296
Development Partners:: Rettew

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