Ferguson & Hassler

Ferguson & Hassler and Meadow Valley Electric partnered on an innovative energy saving project: installing a generator at their grocery store in Quarryville, PA. Ferguson & Hassler is an independent family owned and operated supermarket that has been in business since 1916.

Meadow Valley Electric designed and coordinated the entire project. Timing was critical.  During installation, to ensure Ferguson & Hassler’s normal operations continued smoothly, access to the nearby loading docks could not be blocked. Also, power could not be down for more than 8 hours during the changeout to prevent losing valuable perishable products.

The 750 kW  CAT generator built and supplied by Cleveland Brothers has the capacity to run the entire store in the event of a power outage. Previously, Ferguson & Hassler rented emergency generators during weather emergencies to prevent the loss of refrigerated and frozen products. With the new generator, not only are the perishable products covered, but the entire store, including lights, computers, parking lot lights and more, can be powered in the event of an outage.

In addition, Ferguson & Hassler now benefits from its ability to participate in the Demand Response Program with PPL. This means that when the electric grid is overloaded, PPL can request the grocery store to go offline for a period of time in exchange for reimbursement. Over time Ferguson & Hassler will be able to recoup their initial investment in the generator from Demand Response payments.

“A concern of ours is that the power grid may not be as reliable in the future as it is now. In addition, the amount of weather related issues in recent years made the prospect of installing a generator even more attractive to us.  With the financial incentives from PPL’s Demand Response Program, the project just made sense right now. Meadow Valley Electric has been fabulous to work with.”
Chip Hassler, Owner, Ferguson &  Hassler

Meadow Valley Electric received an ABC Keystone Excellence in Construction merit award in the Electrical $250,000-$1 million category for the Ferguson &  Hassler generator project.