Mennonite Central Committee (MCC)

The 33.80 kW solar PV system was installed by Meadow Valley Electric and is owned by MV Energy LLC, both of Ephrata, PA. During the first several years of operation, MCC will purchase the solar-produced electricity from MV Energy.   Eventually, MCC plans to purchase the system and will benefit from its electricity for the remainder of the system’s estimated 30-year life. MCC will be able to purchase the system at a reduced cost in a few years as a result of MV Energy owning the system now.

MCC and MVE Energy hope this innovative partnership between a non-profit organization and private business will serve as a model for future collaborations by other entities that wish to reduce energy, benefit the environment, and support local businesses and the community. Investing in renewable solar energy reduces energy consumption and costs and diminishes dependence on fossil fuels and the power grid.

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