Montgomery County Correctional Facility

General Contractor: NRB USA, Inc.

Meadow Valley Electric was hired as the electrical contractor by NRB USA to build a work release center for the Montgomery County Correctional Facility. The project was developed because the Montgomery County Correctional Facility saw growing numbers of their inmate population for Work Release and DUI programs. The 60,000 sq ft building contains 99 modules in total and 512 inmate beds.

NRB is a modular building specialist. Modular construction means that a building is created off site under controlled conditions, transported to the site in modules, and installed on the foundation. This innovative method is often a solution for projects under time constraints, since it overlaps building construction and site development.

First, Meadow Valley Electric worked at NRB’s Ephrata facility to build and install all of the electrical components in the modules. Then, we helped to disconnect the modules in preparation for them to be transported to the end site. After being transported to Montgomery County, all 99 modules were dropped into place. Meadow Valley Electric was onsite to reconnect all the electrical connections from module to module.