PSU State College – Solar

Commercial, Ground Mounted

Understanding that this sunny hillside space near Mt Nittany Medical Center wasn’t able to have any structures built on it, PSU agreed that it would make a perfect location for a ground mount solar array that would help with local residents’ electrical needs.

Serving as both General Contractor and Electrical Contractor, MVE Group was pleased to be part of this project.  Design work was done by Kupper Engineering and Stahl Scheaffer, installation of the racking and panels was executed by Standard Sun, and the project was finished off with the wiring done by Meadow Valley Electric.  Now that it is completed, the array is majority owned by MVE Group, with additional partial ownership by Solar Sense AEDG, who then sell the electricity generated to PSU.

The ground mount array covers approximately 4 acres of steep hillside.  5,562 modules were installed, requiring over 80,000ft of wire, and will generate 2.75 GWh per year– enough to power 255 households per year.

Click HERE to see the amazing time-lapse video created by Argos UAS