Your Security System Can Reduce Your Energy Bill

Smart energy choices can help save you money.  Even small changes can have a big impact. Some of the ways you can reduce your energy consumption include adjusting your thermostat, turning off lights, and switching to energy efficient lighting. With these changes, paybacks are immediate and there is minimal cost involved.

Typically,about half of your annual energy costs are for heating and cooling. According to the Department of Energy, by turning your thermostat back about 10 degrees for 8 hours a day, you can save 10% of your energy costs. Programmable thermostats can help reduce your energy usage by making scheduling easier.

Lighting accounts for roughly 5% of your energy usage.  It is easy to reduce the energy used for lighting simply by turning lights off when you leave a room and by switching to energy efficient lighting such as compact fluorescent or LED. With programmable timers, you can further reduce the amount of energy used for lighting.

However, programmable thermostats and lighting timers often are not flexible enough to meet your individual lifestyle. Additionally, you need to make educated guesses about your electrical usage to set up schedules and you need to remember to update the schedules when changes such as vacations or time changes occur.

Optimal energy management uses actual activity patterns in your home to determine an ideal heating/cooling/lighting schedule that works with your life.  ESCO Security partner’s suite of Energy Management and Home Automation services enables remote control, automation and intelligent optimization of lights, thermostats, locks and garage doors.

  • Automate lights and thermostats to adjust to your schedule.
  • Learned activity patterns from your home will better optimize your energy use.
  • Take control of your energy usage with easy to use mobile apps.
  • Always on, at a glance awareness of your home’s critical systems.
  • Remotely open and close garage doors.
  • Text and email alerts let you know instantly when your thermostat settings change.
  • Automate your lights to turn off when the system is armed or the door is closed.
With integrated energy management and home automation within the security platform, you can make informed decisions to manage your home better than any stand alone device.  And better energy choices means more savings.