Sight & Sound Theatres offered new challenges for ESCO Security

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn 1997, Sight & Sound Theatres in Strasburg suffered a devastating fire, resulting in the destruction of the main theatre and a more than $15 million financial loss. In 1998, ESCO Security was hired to install a complete fire alarm system for the rebuilt complex.  By 2013, it was time for the system to be replaced. Once again, Sight & Sound Theatres turned to ESCO Security. We designed and installed a new fire protection system and updated their security system with new HD cameras and monitoring system.

FIRE PROTECTION – We designed and installed a state-of-the-art system that integrated alarm systems across several buildings into an easily managed computer station at the guardhouse.  At a glance, guards can pinpoint on a map on the screen where an alarm has been triggered. The system also allows for email, text, and telephone notification when an alarm is set off.  This can reduce the response time of those monitoring the fire alarm system. The new system will even monitor the detectors and notify the guards when they need to be cleaned.

SECURITY – ESCO installed a new HD security camera monitoring system, which integrated the existing standard definition cameras with several new high-definition cameras. The HD cameras have the capability of even greater coverage area than their older counterparts.  Like the fire system, all the cameras can be easily monitored in one location.

Both of the new systems are adaptable and expandable to meet future needs and services.

Sight & Sound Theatres offered new challenges for ESCO technicians.  The entire project had to be completed between January and March, when there were no shows in production.  However, rehearsals still had to be worked around.  Instead of a home’s furnishings or an industrial facility’s production line, our technicians worked around sets, props and exotic animals.


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