Spotlight on Generators: Ferguson & Hassler

In 2012, Meadow Valley Electric received an Award of Merit from the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) Keystone Chapter’s Excellence in Construction Awards for this generator project.


Ferguson & Hassler is an independent, family owned & operated supermarket that has been in business since 1916. Ensuring the safety and quality of their foods has been critical to their success.


That’s why they turned to Meadow Valley Electric for their generator.  Installed in 2012, the 750 kW generator has the capacity to run the entire store during power outages. This includes refrigeration units, lights, computers, parking lot lights and more.


In 2012, owner Chip Hassler explained why the generator was a priority for Ferguson & Hassler. “A concern of ours is that the power grid may not be as reliable in the future as it is now. In addition, the amount of weather related issues in recent years made the prospect of installing a generator even more attractive to us.  With the financial incentives from PPL’s Demand Response Program, the project just made sense right now.”


In the Demand Response Program, when the electric grid is overloaded, PPL can ask the grocery store to go offline for a period of time, a service for which they will be reimbursed. By participating in the program, over time Ferguson & Hassler will be able to recoup their initial investment in the generator from the Demand Response payments.