Too Cheap to Ignore –  That’s Today’s LED Lighting.

That’s today’s LED lighting.

With significant advances in technology and price drops in the last two years, homeowners are learning that LED bulbs last almost as long as a mortgage and cost less than a pizza.

Now is also prime time for businesses to take advantage of LED lighting.  Often slower to adopt new technology because of the added expense, businesses, governments, non-profits and institutions stand to save even more than consumers by switching to LED. That’s because their lighting sources may be more inefficient and may be on for longer periods of time than consumer applications.Plus, there are currently rebates, incentives, and financing programs available for commercial, government, and non-profit organizations, which can increase the return on investment.

Example: Dusk to Dawn Application

KWReduction LED Dusk to Dawn Leotek Roadway Luminaire
A Leotek ECobra-head LED Roadway Luminaire from KWReduction costs $159 plus tax and installation or shipping. With a 10 year warranty, that amounts to about $16 a year for a durable commercial-grade fixture with adjustable light levels.In addition, the LED fixture can save up to $75 annually in energy costs. Maintenance costs are also virtually eliminated.

Example: Parking Lot Application

Annual operating cost for:  20
400 watt
Metal Halide
Parking Lot Lights       
129 watt

Parking Lot Lights
Electricity $3,477.60    $975.24
Maintenance to replace lamps
and burned out ballasts
$1,100.00        $0.00
TOTAL $4,577.60    $975.24
SAVINGS $3,602.36

(Based on $0.09 kWh and estimated average maintenance costs over a ten year period.)

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