Why LED Outperforms All Other Lighting in Cooled Spaces


Lighting your cooled warehouse with something other than LED? Did you know the type of lighting you choose impacts your cooling system, potentially making the system work harder, use more energy and cost you more?

LEDs offers significant advantages over other lighting options in cooled spaces:

  • Use semiconductors to transform electricity into light. This produces waste heat which is absorbed by a heat sink instead of being radiated.
  • Maintain, or even increase, their light output in extreme cold, whereas fluorescent lighting diminishes significantly.
  • Turn on instantly with no warm-up required to reach maximum brightness.
  • Can be controlled with occupancy sensors and dimmers.
  • Provide bright, uniform light that enhances color representation and does not flicker.
  • Are more durable in extreme cold and humid environments, making it ideal for cooled spaces such as refrigerator/freezer cases and cooled warehouses.
  • Do not contain harmful mercury like fluorescent does, making it safe in food storage areas.
  • Are extremely energy efficient and long lasting, so they save money AND are better for the environment.

An example of savings: For every watt saved, you save 3.4 BTUs.  If you replace a 459 watt metal halide high bay with a 169 watt LED, you are saving 986 BTUs.  That adds up to considerable cooling system savings – in addition to the energy saved in your lighting system and maintenance costs. Traditional sources need replaced about every 3 years. Compare that to LEDs that typically last a decade or more before needing replaced. You save on lamps, ballasts, labor, and equipment costs.

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