Your Telephone Line May be the Weakest Link in your Security System

On Thanksgiving Eve Ferguson & Hassler had a break in at their grocery store in Quarryville. The bandit cut the grocery store’s phone lines, busted their windows, and proceeded to enter the building and steal valuable merchandise. Because many security intrusion systems are tied into the building’s phone lines, Ferguson & Hassler’s alarm did not activate.

Ferguson & Hassler contacted ESCO Security asking for a solution. As a result, we installed a cellular backup unit at the grocery store. Cellular backup systems provide an alternative means of communication to alarm monitoring companies in the event that a telephone land line is inoperative during an emergency. This technology is ideal for security systems where the phone lines are vulnerable to attack, such as thieves cutting through your telephone line during a burglary. They can also be used to monitor alarm systems in areas without telephone service

On Christmas Eve, Ferguson & Hassler found themselves with a repeat scenario: a bandit once again cut the store’s phone lines, busted the windows, and attempted to enter the facility. This time, Ferguson & Hassler was prepared with their cellular backup system, the police responded to the alarm in a matter of minutes and the robbery was foiled!

Always on the cutting edge and looking for the best products in our industry, ESCO Security offers many options in home and commercial security systems including cellular backup systems and 24-hour security alarm monitoring for quick emergency response. For more information on our services contact ESCO Representative, Glenn Pettis.