MVE Group has a wide range of industry experience including more than 40 years of commercial electrical expertise, 10+ years of renewable energy project design, and more than 3 years of EV charging installations.

We pride ourselves in staying ahead of the trends and keeping current with today’s technology. Let us help you make the best decision for your EV charging needs

Why is the market growing so rapidly?

  • Incentives are available for both vehicles and charging stations
  • State and federal incentives via grants, tax credits & rebates. *Current rates below. Subject to change
  • Electric Vehicle Battery cost continues to drop
  • Affordable EV Cars
  • Govt. Pressure to lower tailpipe emissions
Project Type Maximum Rebate Per Plug Maximum % of Total Project Cost
Full Public Access, Networked, Government Owned Property $4,000 80%
Full Public Access, Networked, Non-Government Owned Property $4,000 70%
Multi-Unit Dwellling $3,500 50%
All Other Eligible Projects $3,500 50%