Sayreville Water Treatment Facilility

MVE Group partnered with Rettew, SRE (Solar Renewable Energy LLC) and J and J to design and build this 4.4 megawatt floating PV system located in Sayreville NJ.  Currently, this is the largest floating PV system in the United States.

Installing a solar array on water instead of land reduced the environmental impact that removing more than 10 acres of trees would have on the surrounding area. In fact we discovered that there were additional benefits to covering 10 acres of water, such as limiting evaporation which ultimately conserves water. The solar array also reduces the surface area that the sun can warm each day and allows the water to stay cooler, allowing fish and other wildlife thrive. With cooler water temperature algea growth is also inhibited. Algea robs the oxygen from the water and releases harmful toxins that can cause foul odors and even make the water taste bad.

Project Details

Client: NJR
Location: Sayreville, NJ
Completion Date: January 15, 2021
PV Modules: 12,762
Development Partners: Rettew, SRE and J&J

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